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Bone structure replacement, repair before implanting implants

repair-before-implantingWhen the teeth are lost, after tooth extraction in the first half a year, due to bone resorption, one can lose up to 50% of his bone mass. For this reason, implanting after implantation can be extremely successful because no bone loss occurs at all. Of course, this ideal state cannot always be achieved. Unfortunately, if the tooth is not replaced, the loss of bone may be significant, the bone becomes thinner and the gingivae overgrows the bone surface.
The loss of bone is usually much bigger the older and the more teeth lost to the patient. The phenomenon is related to this natural process that after the tooth loss the migration of the teeth begins, as it will naturally try to fill the empty space created. If you lose a lot of teeth or have a periodontal disease, the structure of the face will also change due to loss of bone and become hollowed. If a long-term replacement of the missing teeth does not occur, then the bone mass becomes thinner and the implant cannot be implanted straight away. It may be necessary to strengthen or increase the bone. A special feature of human bone is its ability to heal with bone tissue formation. This regenerative ability can be used well during prosthetics, so that lost bone can be replaced. Larger bone loss can be remedied by the transplant technique obtained from the body’s own tissues. Smaller bone loss can be compensated by an artificial substance, this artificial material starts bone regeneration by which natural bone takes over the place of artificial material over time. After bone replacement, usually a half-year period of healing and bone formation occurs, and subsequent implantation can be implanted into the reinforced bone structure.
Since bone formation is a very complicated process and the needs and possibilities of the patients are different, therefore we elaborate the proposed therapy for each patient after individual and detailed examination. Patients can know the conditions and the way to prepare and implant prostheses and implants after a detailed examination. Doctors provide accurate and detailed information about the way of interventions and the available outcomes.
Neglected teeth and severe dental deficits also affect the health of a person, as during chewing, food is easily digestible in the stomach, so an inadequately chewed food can cause digestive problems, and this affects the person’s entire health.

Replacing the teeth and restoring the right chewing ability has a healing effect on our health. The improvement of the aesthetics of the face gives us the improvement of our spiritual life, because if we have teeth we smile more, we talk more, we laugh more, and this has a positive effect on the whole physical and mental person as well. When we restore the denture, we will start a whole-body improvement process with all its beneficial effects. Many of our patients later reported that after restoring the bone structure, thanks to the new dentures created by the implants, it was possible for them to re-create a complete and liberated life. Because of the lost teeth, meals caused problems, food hurt the sensitive gingiva, causing minor or larger inflammations, and eating itself was painful. It is our experience that those who have significant shortage of teeth are difficult to communicate, talk less, do not laugh and this has a negative impact on their human relationships. Many have reported that since their smiles are perfect, there are a lot of positive effects on their work and private life as well. Restoring the perfection of the denture is therefore an investment that not only recovers financially but is a source of continuous joy. As we work with the best professionals, high quality machines and the best materials, we are sure of the perfect finish. So, you can feel this, therefore we dare to give a guarantee for many years for our work.

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