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Locator prosthesis

locator-prothesisStabilizing the removable prosthesis is very important for the wearer. The prosthesis is used to chew, so the shifting slider is not comfortable and cannot get used to it. The natural desire of a man to feel his dentures stable and natural during chewing and his dentures can easily be removed due to cleansing after chewing. It is equally important that after cleaning it should be easy to put it back into the mouth with one move. The easy-to-remove and easy-to-replace stable prosthesis give the security which is needed for natural use and a pleasant habit. People can easily get used to the easy to use and stable, easy-to-remove and replaceable prosthesis and this will give back the wearer’s self-confidence. That is why we have developed a locator system prosthesis with decades of work. There are conventional prostheses with clips or patent systems, but their use is not comfortable for everyone. These prosthetics are usually given to patients who do not have their own teeth and their bone mass are thinned. The prosthesis is usually fixed adhesively or by a clamping system in which metal plates and clips inhibit the movement effectively. The essence of our system is that the well-formed prosthesis is connected to 2-4 implants, accurately and quickly. The connectors at the end of the implant are designed to snap the prosthesis into the mouth simply without any prior practice as the denture is snapped to its place by pressing and is connected to the wide connector. Wide connectors give a much greater sense of security than traditional solutions, as they fix the prosthesis very firmly. To fix the prosthesis, implants in the jaw are first implanted in two or four places. After they have been healed, a small adapter is attached to the implants and the inserted prosthesis is connected to this adapter quickly and easily. It is so easy to use this connector as if you were connecting a patent: one move to snap, one move to take out. This solution is quick and easy, while with this prosthesis you will feel safe while using it, which stays firmly in place even during chewing as if it were your own teeth. How is it better than conventional prosthesis fixing procedures? 1. Very stable and comfortable to wear; 2. There are no metal plates in the mouth, no foreign metallic feel; 3. Easy to remove and insert, secure; 4. No gingival inflammation is caused by metal. It is very easy to remove the denture for cleaning, with easy oral care. Removal of the prosthesis is simple even for those who do not have too much manual skills. Since the solution developed by us is smaller and more precise, therefore the wearing of a prosthesis is more natural, the sensation of the prosthesis is more stable in the mouth and it is easy to get used to it. It can be combined with other existing prostheses, designed in advance for the complete replacement of the tooth loss, and this solution can be extended without problems.

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