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Periodontal dental treatment

Periodontal dental treatment is limited to preventing, curing, and treating periodontal diseases. This involves ultrasonic removal of the tooth decay on the gingiva edges, cleansing the surface of the tooth root (root surface smoothing) and areas under the gingiva. This avoids the formation of pouches with pyorrhoea and gingivitis. The tooth decay is a deposit on the surface of the teeth, a plaque that is calcified and cannot be removed by conventional denture cleaning methods. The tooth decay is a highly adhesive calcareous layer on the tooth surface. In case of prostheses, it may appear at the gingiva edges and at the junction of prostheses and gingiva. Because it is a porous structure, bacteria prefer to create bacterial colonies in the tooth decay, which will eventually cause inflammation. Inflammation can also occur under the gingiva that can cause health problems affecting our entire body. Long-lasting inflammation creates foci, which can lead to heart disease without treatment. The tooth decay is created primarily in difficult to reach areas, at points which are only difficult or impossible to access with toothbrush or dental floss. The tooth decay can develop even if the rules of oral care are consistently followed. To remove the tooth decay, we have excellent ultrasonic devices, which help to eliminate the tooth decay painless and effective without damaging the tooth enamel. In all cases, the tooth decay adheres better to the surface of the plaque tooth than on the regularly cleaned tooth surfaces, so regular and thorough dental cleaning reduces the possibility of developing tooth decay. We can detect the formation of tooth decay in time if we participate in half-year dental check-ups. The tooth decay causes an unpleasant feeling when we stroke the surface of our teeth and is accompanied by an unpleasant breath that is a sign of the bacteria being trapped in it and a decomposition process has begun and the odour of this degradation process is causing the bad breath. The further presence of tooth decay causes periodontal diseases that generate chronic inflammatory processes, which have a negative effect on the functioning of the human immune system and may cause other organ diseases. With removing the tooth decay in time and by attending frequent dental check-ups, we can overcome many problems and make our oral comfort even better. The tooth decay can be easily removed with the help of advanced ultrasonic devices, and the teeth will continue to serve and become more difficult to inflate, whether they are your own teeth, implants or other structures. If you feel you need periodontal review or dental treatment, please contact us.

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