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Porcelain shell for teeth

porcelain-shellThe porcelain shell can be a great choice if the patient has primarily aesthetic problems with his teeth and not medical problems. Choosing the porcelain shell must in all cases be preceded by a comprehensive examination and weighing of what is the right choice, the porcelain shell, or (if the teeth have suffered significant damage) the crown. The porcelain shell will change the visible front surface of the tooth, so the porcelain shell being justified only for aesthetic reasons. The porcelain shell is a good choice if the tooth is healthy but discoloured, in the case of protruding tooth, cervical wear, in case of teeth filled with different colours several times, or in case of abraded, worn teeth, to improve the shape of the teeth. With the porcelain shell, perfectly matching, regular dentures can be made. The porcelain shell covers the tooth on the front side (front), with a thin heavy-duty press ceramic layer that is adhered to the prepared tooth from the front. We use the IPS e.max system developed by Ivoclar Vivadent (founded in Zurich) at our clinic. The IPS e.max system combines high-strength compression technology with CAD/CAM precision workability and a very aesthetic look. As the porcelain shell is light-transmitting, it makes the teeth realistic that are covered with it. With this method, we can make your smile perfectly live, while your teeth are alive and healthy. The shell is less heat-conductive, so it can be a solution to the sensitivity of teeth, it is completely bio, so it has no negative effect on the human body, it is light-resistant and wear-resistant. We provide a 5-year guarantee for our porcelain shells.

Preparation of porcelain shell.

The dentist abrades the location of porcelain shell by removing a thin layer (0.2 to 1 mm) from the tooth surface at very minimal level, and after selecting the sample and the appropriate colour, the dental technician manually creates the porcelain shell for the tooth. In special cases, the tooth does not have to be abraded, but the shell is attached directly to the tooth. When the porcelain shell is finished, we adhere it in place after a test. The porcelain shell has a completely similar structure to the tooth material, and it is a high hardness pressed ceramic, easy to clean and passes light. With the help of a porcelain shell, you can have a perfect coloured, perfect shaped denture, with appropriate tooth gaps, and this effect cannot be achieved in any other way.

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