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Tooth whitening

When we smile, our teeth are flashing on. Sometimes this is referred to as the Hollywood smile, as actors are paying attention to the fact that their teeth are snow white and their smile is flawless. The colour of our teeth depends on a wide variety of things, and the teeth are yellowed by coffee, tea, cola, smoking, stress, organ disease, and so on. However, it can be said that for the perfect smile it is necessary to have snow white teeth. With whitening today, not only stars can have their Hollywood smile, but also anyone. By whitening, the discoloration inside the tooth is whitened. Teeth whitening is a completely safe procedure in clinical practice, but only if it is done by a physician trained for this purpose. Tooth whitening has typically started its conquering journey from USA, and nowadays it has spread all over the world. With ZOOM Whitening technology, peroxide-treated teeth are illuminated with a special light. Teeth whitening technology gives a perfectly fine white result after 45 minutes. Teeth whitening can only be applied to fully healthy teeth, so before a whitening we perform a general examination to assess the condition of the teeth and the gingiva. If gingiva and teeth are flawless, after a short preparation, whitening is performed. If any periodontal treatment or dental intervention are needed, then it must first be done and only after whitening will be began. Such interventions are the elimination of gingivitis, tooth decay, tooth filling, root canal treatment, etc. Teeth whitening does not hurt. Some teeth may become transiently sensitized, but this will be discontinued as a result of gel treatment. Dental sensitivity is not characteristic, only very few patients experience this symptom. The tooth is not damaged by whitening, and the tooth enamel remains intact with peroxide treatment, so any harmful effects in terms of teeth should not be expected. The effect of whitening will last for a long time; however, it requires a great deal of self-restraint since the consumption of foods that contain colouring and have strong colour are to be avoided. For example, coffee, tea, cola, red pepper, curcuma, red wine, and usually foods with strong colours should be avoided. After 3-4 days of treatment, the consumption of these coloured foods is forbidden. It is also recommended avoiding such foods since they are primarily responsible for the discoloration of the teeth. Teeth whitening with peroxide and lamp can only be done every 1-2 years, so it is not possible to whiten teeth unlimited, so it is important to convert our diet to the long-lasting effect and to consume less-coloured foods or to minimize or avoid coffee consumption. Careful attention should be paid to oral hygiene and oral care, as well as immediate tooth brushing after the meals with a non-coloured toothpaste. For mouthwashes, the yellowing mouthwash should be avoided (e.g. smoke plant mouthwash) as it may yellow the teeth. Dentures, tooth fillings, bridges and implants are not affected by teeth whitening, so the colour change of yellowish substitutions may be necessary to achieve the perfect result, which usually cause noticeable colour differences in front teeth.
Stained teeth may require prior treatment and preliminary examination and consultation will decide this.
There is no need for anaesthesia prior to whitening because teeth whitening does not hurt. However, if the tooth becomes sensitive it will be treated with gel, and any sensitivity will cease in one day. Professional teeth whitening by a dentist is much faster than home-based methods since the home method lasts for nearly two weeks and the result will not be perfect, while a doctor who has bleached thousands of teeth lasts for 45 minutes will make an eye-catching result. If you would like to whiten your teeth, contact us at our contact details and request a date for preliminary examination.

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