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What is the essence of gnathology?

gnathologyOur bodies and organs are fed by foods that are taken in the form of food into our mouth and swallowed well. The digestibility of food or nutrition depends to a great extent on how to chew the food, how it blends with our saliva, and so in what state it will go to our stomach. The state of our health depends greatly on this. Gnathology is a branch of dentistry that deals precisely with the relationship between the upper and lower teeth, the relationship between the teeth, the chewing conditions, the goodness and effectiveness of the denture, the morphology, anatomy, histology, physiology and pathology of the chewing device, and their relationship with our organs. Gnathology examines the position of the teeth on the gingiva, the cooperation between chewing muscles and the jaw joints, the possible malfunctions, the problems of the chewing and its deviations. The goal is to achieve appropriate and optimal chewing conditions with the right dental techniques and solutions by conservative dental, periodontal, orthodontic and prosthetic methods. Gnathology helps to develop customized treatment and prosthetic methods that can help chewing and digestion in the long term. Dental researchers have developed special tools for achieving these goals, such as various measuring instruments (, articulators, pantographs, axio pantographs, occludors, chewing-path guides, or implantation techniques for prosthetics. They help to study the relationship between jaw movements and teeth. With gnathology, the dental prosthetics will be more accurate, completely customizable, and will not cause post complaints or alterations. Using gnathological tools, we can better understand the position of the lower and upper teeth of our patients, their relationship with each other, and their possible deviations.

Differences often cause complaints that are unclear and without examination they can cause life-long problems, ear pain, back pain, headaches, insomnia, and so on. The formation of chewing surfaces and their relationships to each other are very important both in implantology and dental prosthetics. Therefore, with the help of gnathology, we can elaborate more precisely the dental treatments and solutions as well as prosthetics. From the image obtained through gnathology, the information obtained from the analysis is used for dental treatments, so the result can be more perfect and better. For our patients, it will be more natural and comfortable to have the result of our work, which provides a better feeling for them. By using tests with gnathological tools and the results obtained, we will give you such a work for which we provide an extended warranty.

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